“Every technology we develop is an extension of one of our own senses or capabilities.” I recently had the pleasure of speaking alongside iconic Canadian novelist Margaret Atwood on a Science and Art panel at a conference called Discourse and Dynamics. Aside from insightful discussions about the environment, hemp airplanes, and the importance of adaptability, we also discussed the history of robotics. I am so delighted to see this incredibly thoughtful piece… Read More

1. Few, if any, people. It is a certainty that the cold weather and the thought of sleeping overnight in below zero temperatures with only a tent protecting you from the elements discourages many people from camping in the winter months. There is nothing better than exploring the outdoors without seeing another person. The silence is bliss. 2. Choice of campsites. So many provincial and national campsites require reservations FAR in advance… Read More

The science of baking is just one example of how we can ask questions and seek out answers about even the most simple experiences in life. Baking is all in the chemistry; and of course the intricate functions of a few simple ingredients. Ingredients for most baking include flour, spices, sugar, eggs, and a leavener such as baking soda or baking powder. Each of these ingredients play a critical role. For example,… Read More


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